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Today I have decided to use this space to make a plea to all mums. Please, please be kind to one another. Whether it is a single mum trying to juggle children and a home on her own or to the mum who is trying to build a business whilst keeping the kids alive and every other mother in between.

We are all guilty of being judgemental, myself included but really it has to stop. If we do not lift each other up then what will become of society? I do not want my children to be raised in an ugly social environment that values the latest number of likes over what a person has to offer.

Where is this coming from?

You may wonder where this call to arms have come from? Well let me tell you what happened last night.

I have arranged a social event for my clients to get together and enjoy a walk outside this week. Now this is the first time I have created such an event because I want to give more to my clients and actually keep on making a difference after they have attended a class with me. It is part of my initiative to help mothers to stop mothering in isolation and really take on board the importance of self care. This is something that I really care about.

I then received a comment on social media that really cut to the quick. The lady who posted it really had not thought about the impact of her words and it's effects on me personally. I try and live my life in a positive and least confrontational way as possible as I believe that negativity does not serve anyone. However to be accused of stealing an idea (which I would not do) was something that had upset me as I try and work with other services and my intentions were pure. I truly believe that collaboration benefits all.

Her words had really left their mark on me and I sat with it all evening which was uncomfortable but necessary. Now perhaps you would say why let her bother you? And indeed, I agree that it should let it go, as Elsa would recommend. I wrote in my journal, I meditated on it (check out this hippy) but still I awoke with this uncomfortable feeling. Was this my first troll? Yes, it was someone hiding behind a keyboard who felt a distance between what they typed and the person they were saying it to. It was not so much words she used or the confrontational nature of her messages but it was the act itself that left me feeling unsettled.

Unfortunately in this digital world it all too common for people to say what they think with total disregard to others and their feelings.

It applies to the real world and the digital world. Your words and judgement will always have an effect. Take the time to understand a mother and lift her up. Do not pull her down with your judgements. She is trying her best. I am a mum who is running a business, whilst juggling a family and trying to make a small difference in this world by making motherhood better for all those mothers that I have the pleasure to meet in person and digitally.

So to the lady that believed I run my business to sabotage others then please just think about the next comment you make to anyone. I have been inspired to make this my space to vent, to empower others and above all be heard about motherhood.

Call to Arms

To all mothers, support one another, don't stand in judgement.

I will leave you with this quote from the very lovely Thumper

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