The Importance of 'Mummy Time'.

At the grand old age of 33 years old, I have attended my first ballet lesson. I am not exactly ‘graceful’ or particularly co-ordinated and Darcey Bussell certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about but after my lessons I feel great. Not only am I trying something new, I am also exercising so the stress busting endorphins are released. My brain is also switched on and focused on what I am doing, right there in the moment. When I am holding onto the barre, I am not worrying about what chaos the children have caused throughout the day, the washing and ironing pile or the fact that we don’t have anything in the fridge for tea the next day. I am entirely focused on trying not to fall over or understanding what a ‘frappe’ is and just generally trying to keep up.

I attended my first lesson with a friend who also has a little one. When she arrived at the studio, she’d had a stressful day with her monkey playing up. We went in and of course we were both nervous, not knowing what we were about to embark upon. We really enjoyed the lesson and I asked her when was the last time she had worried about her daughter and thought about her bad day. She was surprised to find that she hadn’t once thought about anything other than what we were doing for the whole duration of the class (over an hour).

The purpose of this blog is to stress to all mums out there that ‘me time’ is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you take up exercise (although exercise had lots of benefits including the endorphin rush) a crafting hobby or just take a nice hot bubble bath and practice some mindful breathing exercises. The purpose is to take some ‘time out’. Whether you are a stay at home parent or have returned to work, when you have children you are on call 24 hours a day and it’s HARD! Having a little time to yourself can help recharge the batteries and a happy mummy = happy baby.

I am always asking my clients if they have had time to relax and take some time out throughout the week. I am usually told that no they haven’t. We look at different breathing exercises in our baby yoga classes so that mums have an opportunity to find a breathing technique that suits them and able to use it whenever you get chance to take a few minutes out. Whether this is when feeding, before bed or in the bath. The power of the breath can have an instant calming effect and it is lovely to witness my clients relaxing at the end of our sessions.

So, whether you take up a class in the local gym, try yoga, knitting or read a book whilst relaxing in a bubble bath, try to take some time out for yourself and enjoy some ‘mummy time’.

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