Yoga Babies - A Review

When I heard that Fearne Cotton was releasing a book aimed at introducing young children to yoga, I immediately knew I had to read it. On release day, I trotted down to my local Waterstones and had no idea where I would find Yoga Babies. Would it be located in the parenting section, the yoga section?? Nope, the children’s picture book section. It was right next to Tom Fletcher’s Monster picture book.

I will admit, I had my husband in tow and as I passed him my purchase his eyebrows raised at the £9.99 price tag. It is a colourful, thin hardback and you may wonder exactly where your £10 is going. However, I insisted that our daughter would love it and was necessary as a baby yoga teacher to own such a book as this one.

I was excited to pick Trudy up from nursery at 5pm. She is usually tired from her stimulating day at nursery but actually today she was chipper which was perfect to try out the new book.

I sat her down on my knee and we read the book through from beginning to end. She was completely engaged with the characters and the colourful illustrations. The natural flow of the book made it easy to read and it kept her attention from beginning to end. Once we had read it, I asked if she would like to try the yoga positions. She was thrilled with the suggestion and immediately went to pick up one of the short yoga mats that she sees as ‘her pink mat’. As we have always done baby yoga since she was a baby, she understands that yoga is ‘mummy and me playtime’. She is comfortable with stretches and the idea of working on the mat is a natural concept for her.

We read each page, and copied the positions shown by the different characters. She enjoyed recreating each position and the ones that she had trouble with, I gently guided her. The huge smiles and shrieks of joy left me in no doubt that this book was a hit.

After we finished it, there was an immediate request of ‘again, again’. This continued for most of the evening with both of us copying the yoga positions together. When daddy came home, she immediately showed him her new book and the new yoga positions that she had learned. He didn’t mind the price of the book now that he witnessed Her favourite was ‘the bridge’ as we made toy cars go under and over the bridge, as demonstrated in the book. She also liked being ‘a butterfly’ and we pretended to flap our wings (legs) and fly.

The next day, I encouraged my 6 year old son to becomes involved and the 3 of us together spent a Friday afternoon, after school, playing, smiling and gently stretching.

Fearne Cotton isn’t a yoga teacher and this isn’t a ‘how to’ book’. This is a book aimed at toddlers to engage them with their parents into the wonderful activity of yoga so that they can enjoy it


I really think that Trudy’s love of Yoga Babies is because we have done baby yoga from her being little. However, I think all toddlers would enjoy this, whether they have done yoga as babies or not. It’s a lovely, fun and great bonding activity.

Well done Fearne, you have a couple of fans here. Yoga Babies is available at all good book retailers.

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