The Delicate Nature of Your Baby's Skin

The array of skin products available for children is scary. So much choice and such little information out there on what they actually contain. When my children were born we received countless gifts of Johnson & Johnson products such as baby bath, baby oil, etc. Have you ever looked at the ingredients and understood what is actually in the products that we put on our baby’s delicate skin?

Many of the baby skincare products contain nasty things such parabens that we are now educated to know are not what we want to be exposing to our little ones. Their skin is so delicate that use of certain products can result in things such as eczema as it damages the epidermis (top layer of the skin). Another scary fact is that 60 % of everything that we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream.

In our baby massage sessions, we only use 100% organic sunflower oil. As it is a natural product it is unlikely to cause any skin reaction, it won’t harm baby as it enters the body and it is cold pressed so it retains it nutrients. Olive oil used to be recommended by healthcare professionals, however research now indicates that it is more harmful due to the high level of oleic acid and can damage the skin and result in eczema.

Even when you are careful of what you apply to your baby’s skin it can still develop rashes, etc as it is so delicate. Trudy, my 2 year old daughter, suffers with skin rashes. She really has a spotty bottom (poor love) and itchy spots on her arms and legs too. We have tried numerous skin products and nothing has helped or it has even aggravated it. I met the lovely Claire who is representative of Weleda. She is so full of information and advice, she recommended the Calendula Cream Bath. I have put it in her bath and it does help to settle her skin condition. It also smells divine and it is a completely natural product.

I have teamed up with Claire to be able to offer samples of her products. This month each client will receive a sample of nappy change cream, a nursing tea as well as a gift voucher for a facial so not only will you get to try out the amazing range on your little one, you can have a little ‘me time’ and get that oxytocin flowing.

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