Happy Birthday!!

Happy Sleepy Baby is 2 years old!! I began studying when I was expecting my little girl and qualified when she was 6 months old. She was my little guinea pig and probably the most massaged baby in the world but that probably contributes to how she was such a relaxed baby, so much so that we decided to take her on holiday to Jamaica at seven weeks old. The same cannot be said now that she has reached 2 and half years (she rules the roost!!)

The last 2 years have flown by and I am so privileged to have kept in contact with so many of the parents who have attended my courses and I have been able to watch the little people grow.

I see my business as a baby that has also grown and developed so much over the 2 years that at some points it has become unrecognisable from when I began in July 2015.

I trained with Blossom and Berry and I first began offering baby massage in Filey. Only one parent signed up so off I trotted to help Natalia with the tiny Leela. I was in awe of how much the massage helped Leela with her colic, sleep and Natalia’s confidence and over the 4 weeks I saw a huge difference in both Leela and Natalia. It was then that I knew I had to make the business work because I could not only help babies with complaints such as colic, constipation, restlessness, etc but I could provide a service to help mums too. This has always been important to me and as the business develops I have tried to keep this at the heart of it.


In October 2015, I then began offering baby yoga in Scarborough and I absolutely love this class because of the stimulation it offers for the babies and the exercise and relaxation helps parents relax and feel better about themselves. The sessions have developed over the last couple of years and

I always try and add something new for my clients who enrol again and again because of how much they enjoy the sessions. I get so much pleasure out of seeing photos that mums send me after the baby yoga sessions of their sleeping babies because we have managed to tire them out. This is when I know that I named the business ‘Happy Sleepy Baby’ correctly.

After requests from parents who wanted to continue with baby yoga but their babies weren’t so small anymore and were usually on the move, I recently developed the Sensory, Stretch & Play classes at East Ayton Village Hall. These classes are aimed at babies up to 18 months old and include elements of massage and baby yoga but with an emphasis on sensory play. I am delighted with these classes as it helps parents continue with the wonderful work that baby

massage and baby yoga has began but adapted for the active baby.

I never stop progressing my skills. I have just finished a Newborn Nurture course so I can help parents in those very early days when life is upside down and you are getting to know this little person. Support during these times is essential so now I am delighted to be able to provide a massage routine, yoga movements and support all tailored for those first few crazy weeks.

So here’s to the future of Happy Sleepy Baby and to supporting parents and helping you to have happy sleepy babies.

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