The Magic of Baby's Feet

A Guide to Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the theory that there are lots of nerve endings in the foot that correspond with the organs and zones of the body. A gentle and relaxing massage on a baby’s foot using thumbs and finger tips can settle a fractious baby, relax them to help induce sleep and help with colic too.

Begin by cradling your baby’s feet and singing a soft lullaby to relax your baby.

Here are the key points;

• Tips of toes: Great for teething; Little circles on the tips of toes can help relieve teething issues

• Toes: Good for cold; Circling the whole toes can help clear the sinuses

• Under the toes: Opening up the chest; Placing a finger under the toes can open up the chest and encourage deep breathing

• Solar Plexus: Calming effect and general wellbeing; The solar plexus is located below the third toe, just below the ball of the foot.

• Arch of the foot: Easing wind and colic; Placing a finger across the arch of the foot can help with digestion and soothe a baby suffering with gas, colic and wind. • Bottom of the heel: Good for constipation; Pressing the bottom of the heel is related to the bowel and can stimulate it.

• Inside of the foot; Soothing effect; Taking your finger up along the inside of the foot soothes the central nervous system.

Reflexology is included in our baby massage course. Why not come and learn how to settle and soothe your baby in our relaxed and informal classes or have a private consultation in the comfort of your own home.

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