Baby Massage & Your Baby's Immune System

The change of season tends to bring with it various colds and flu so babies are more likely to develop colds due to their immature immune system. So, it’s great news that baby massage can help boost your baby’s immune system.

Your Baby’s Immune System

When your baby is born, the mother’s immunity is passed on to the baby through the placenta, however this is only temporary and begins to decrease after the first few months. Your baby then begins to develop their antibodies at around six months but their immune system is not fully developed until four or five years old.

How Can I Help Boost My Baby’s Immune System?

There are a number of ways of helping to boost your baby’s immune system:

  • Vaccinations – keeping your child fully vaccinated helps your child develop antibodies against certain diseases

  • Breastfeeding – Breast milk contains a lot of different ingredients that promotes your baby’s immunity

  • Sleep – boosting your baby’s sleep time can help develop their immune system. Newborns require up to 18 hours per day and a toddler requires up to 13 hours.

  • Baby Massage

How Does Baby Massage boost the Immune System?

This may seem unusual that massaging your baby can help boost their immune system but research has shown that baby massage can help give it a boost too. This is because we can assist the lymphatic drainage system in doing it’s job of flushing out harmful toxins and keeping us healthy. The lymph doesn’t have a ‘pump’ as such so by massaging, we are moving the lymph fluid around the body which clears any harmful substances. We also use certain strokes which target the lymph nodes in the body such as the feet and the armpit.

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