Baby Yoga and the Vestibular System

During Baby Yoga sessions, I like to explain the benefits of the stretches and movements that we are doing with our babies. One of the major benefits of the movements, other than they are a huge amount of fun, is that it helps baby’s vestibular system.

When I mention the vestibular system, I can often receive confused looks from parents. Of course, nobody embarks upon a baby yoga course in order to receive a science lesson but I think if parents are aware of how we are helping our babies, then it makes the sessions all the more amazing.

What is the Vestibular System?

The vestibular system is the sensory system that provides the input for balance and co-ordination. It is located in the inner ear and it sends signals to the part of the brain that controls eye movement, and to the muscles to keep you upright. When the body moves, the vestibular system sends a message to the brain so that it can maintain orientation, determine direction and speed and the body’s muscles and joints can adapt to maintain posture and stability. Pretty amazing stuff!!

How Does Baby Yoga Help the Vestibular System?

During a baby yoga session we have a great amount of fun doing dips with our babies and swinging them. The babies usually giggle and squeal with delight during this part of the session and it is definitely my favourite part of the class. Whilst the baby is being lifted up and down and being swung from left to right (carefully, may I add here) then the vestibular system is sending messages to their brains about where abouts they are in space and their current position. The brain then sends a signal to their muscles to ensure they stay upright or lift their head whilst on their tummies. Such clever babies!

We also adopt different holds and varying speeds of movement so that babies can distinguish the different speeds from walking slowly to jogging to skipping across the room.

The human body never ceases to amaze me and to think that a fun class such as baby yoga can help with your baby’s balance and co-ordination is a wonderful achievement.

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