How does baby yoga help my baby's balance?

Baby yoga is wonderful for helping baby’s balance but you may wonder how this works when your baby is only small and not even upright yet.

I hope you are ready for a short biology lesson…? Well, it is all to do with your baby’s vestibular system. This is the sensory system that helps you balance and have spatial awareness. There is fluid in the inner ear canals and when you change position the fluid reacts and responds to movement, change in direction, change of head position and gravitational pull. It works with gravity to give us a sense of where we are and what we are doing.

The vestibular system assists in an infant’s balance so that they can learn to roll, sit up stationary, crawl and eventually walk. The vestibular system is key to any movement that the baby makes. However balance is a learned skill and can only be mastered through practice. This is where baby yoga can help babies master the skill….

The moves that we carry out in baby yoga deliberately stimulate the vestibular system and so actively develop a baby’s co-ordination and sensory-motor skills. When we make certain movements such as rolling, swings or dips, the fluid in the inner ear passes over the nerve receptors, which send messages to the brain about the position of the body in space. These messages help babies learn to counter gravity and to have control over eye movements, which are vital for the co-ordination of all the sensory messages the brain receives.

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