What oil should I use for Baby Massage?

What type of baby massage oil to use is one of the first questions mums ask me. There is an array of advice out there and lots of different products so it can be confusing before you even begin baby massage.

The current advice is to use sunflower seed oil which is organic and cold pressed. This means that the nutrients haven’t been damaged through the heat process and it preserves all of its natural goodness. It is lightweight and it is easily absorbed by the skin so it does not leave any residue.

baby massage oil

Previously olive oil was recommended for baby massage, however recent research has shown that it is harsher on baby’s skin because of it being higher in a fatty acid called oleic acid which can cause redness even when there is no history of sensitivity.

In the unlikely event that your baby has a reaction to sunflower seed oil, then coconut oil is recommended. This has been used in many eastern cultures for centuries and it is now widely available.

It is important to avoid any oils containing nuts such as peanut oil or groundnut oil in case your baby has a nut allergy.

All our baby massage clients at Happy Sleepy Baby receive a free 50ml bottle of 100% organic sunflower seed oil at the start of any course.

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