Baby massage has so many benefits but one of the big benefits which isn’t well known is that it can help your baby’s immune system.  

Dr Tiffany Field who is the founder of the Touch Institute at the University of Miami Medical School has conducted many research studies which explores the benefits of touch and how baby massage can support infants, especially pre-term infants. She found that by moving your baby’s skin, it activ...

The word ‘colic’ is often said to parents of a miserable baby. Baby won’t stop crying? Colic. Baby constipated and struggling to poo? Colic. Baby arching his back and writhing around in pain? Colic.

How can colic be so easy to diagnose yet every colicky baby seems to have different symptoms, but all have one thing in common. Misery. Both baby and parents are absolutely miserable.  Health professionals look for the rule of thre...

Can you believe it that Happy Sleepy Baby is 4 years old? Happy Birthday to my third baby!!

It is usually at this time I like to take stock of the journey of my business. It certainly has been a slow build at times but I have loved every stage. From the beginning with training and using my daughter as a guinea pig, to my very first client and struggling to fill classes, to having large busy classes, to working with the childre...

As parents we are advised that our babies should have tummy time but it never seems to be very well explained as to why our babies should have tummy time and what actually constitutes as ‘tummy time’.

During my classes, mummies often tell me that their babies really don’t like tummy time and they find it difficult to prioritise it when the baby is so obviously distressed by it. Nobody wants to see their baby upset. In my class...

This video has been made to demonstrate baby massage strokes that can help relieve teething pain and discomfort for your baby. 

It’s January and so many of us suffer with the January Blues. It is little wonder that this is the best time of year for travel agents as we all start thinking about a little sunshine to look forward to.

As many children return to school after the Christmas holidays and my husband returns to work and we all settle back into our normal routine, I can certainly see similarities between the January Blues and the Baby Blues.

The Ba...

On Sunday I was honoured to attend the 1st birthday party of one of my yoga babies. It was wonderful to watch the group of mums who met at their first baby yoga class come together and support each other, months after their first class.  They are a group of ladies from different walks of life that bonded over their babies and have continued with an amazing friendship.

Watching these lovely ladies got me thinking at how importa...

I often hear about parents discussing night terrors, but unless your child has suffered with night terrors you maybe unsure how they differ from nightmares. I wasn't too sure myself until a couple of weeks ago, Trudy began to wake and scream each night at about 9pm. It was awful to watch her scream and try and climb out of bed. I brought her downstairs as no amount of cuddles would stop the screams. Then suddenly she would st...

What skincare should I use on my baby?

There is so much choice when it comes to baby’s skincare products and a wealth of information available with regards to what you should use and what you should avoid. It is easy to become

overwhelmed so I hope that this blog will shed some light on the current research.

The Newborn Stage

The advice is to refrain from using any products on your baby for the first 4 weeks. This includes bath p...

The array of skin products available for children is scary. So much choice and such little information out there on what they actually contain. When my children were born we received countless gifts of Johnson & Johnson products such as baby bath, baby oil, etc. Have you ever looked at the ingredients and understood what is actually in the products that we put on our baby’s delicate skin?

Many of the baby skincare products con...

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