Those first three months of a babies life is often a whirlwind for parents, often consisting of sleep deprivation, constantly dealing with poo explosions and trying to settle a wailing baby. Trying to navigate the hurricane that a new baby brings whilst adjusting to the demands of parenthood is one that is difficult, exhausting and often overwhelming. 

I remember when I was first introduced to motherhood, very clearly. It was...

It's amazing how many women have lost a baby, yet the pain is hidden and rarely talked about. Like it is shrouded in secrecy. This is why I embrace Baby Loss month because, even just for a week of the year, there is more awareness and more people share their baby loss stories. Making it less taboo and inspiring for mothers who are going through a heartbreaking time. 

Being in the role that I have of holding mum and baby c...

Today I have decided to use this space to make a plea to all mums. Please, please be kind to one another. Whether it is a single mum trying to juggle children and a home on her own or to the mum who is trying to build a business whilst keeping the kids alive and every other mother in between.

We are all guilty of being judgemental, myself included but really it has to stop. If we do not lift each other up then what will become...

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