This video introduces you to Becky and Baby Trudy showing you a couple of techniques to improve hip mobility, useful after a long car journey to stretch baby legs. 


With a special cameo appearance from Sam and Hector the Dog.  Enjoy :)




Baby yoga is wonderful for helping baby’s balance but you may wonder how this works when your baby is only small and not even upright yet.


I hope you are ready for a short biology lesson…? Well, it is all to do with your baby’s vestibular system.  This is the sensory system that helps you balance and have spatial awareness.  There is fluid in the inner ear canals and when you change position the fluid reacts and responds to m...

Colic is described as a baby having prolonged crying even though they are otherwise healthy and well fed.  This doesn’t give new parents a lot of information and can be very frustrating when your baby has been screaming for 3 hours in what seems like a lot of pain and you have no idea why. I hope this blog will give you a little more insight and some tips to help your baby settle. 

Colic is thought to be caused by stomach...

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