You are four months in with your new baby, you are now adjusting to parenthood and your baby may be in a lovely routine. Yay you have this parenting thing down!

But then the four month regression hits and you notice big changes with your baby’s behaviour, feed and sleep patterns. Baby may now be:

  • Taking less interest in their feeds particularly during the day

  • Needs more feeds during the night

  • Is frequently unsettl...

Baby massage has so many benefits but one of the big benefits which isn’t well known is that it can help your baby’s immune system.  

Dr Tiffany Field who is the founder of the Touch Institute at the University of Miami Medical School has conducted many research studies which explores the benefits of touch and how baby massage can support infants, especially pre-term infants. She found that by moving your baby’s skin, it activ...

Last week we had an amazing adventure in Lapland. It has been a great dream of mine to visit Lapland and last year I persuaded my husband that time was running out for the opportunity to visit Santa Claus whilst Christmas is still full of wonder and magic for both children. He eventually agreed that we could book for December 2019, even if he did nearly cry at the price of the 2 night break.  We’ve paid less for a week’s all...

Those first three months of a babies life is often a whirlwind for parents, often consisting of sleep deprivation, constantly dealing with poo explosions and trying to settle a wailing baby. Trying to navigate the hurricane that a new baby brings whilst adjusting to the demands of parenthood is one that is difficult, exhausting and often overwhelming. 

I remember when I was first introduced to motherhood, very clearly. It was...

It's amazing how many women have lost a baby, yet the pain is hidden and rarely talked about. Like it is shrouded in secrecy. This is why I embrace Baby Loss month because, even just for a week of the year, there is more awareness and more people share their baby loss stories. Making it less taboo and inspiring for mothers who are going through a heartbreaking time. 

Being in the role that I have of holding mum and baby c...

Today I have decided to use this space to make a plea to all mums. Please, please be kind to one another. Whether it is a single mum trying to juggle children and a home on her own or to the mum who is trying to build a business whilst keeping the kids alive and every other mother in between.

We are all guilty of being judgemental, myself included but really it has to stop. If we do not lift each other up then what will become...

The word ‘colic’ is often said to parents of a miserable baby. Baby won’t stop crying? Colic. Baby constipated and struggling to poo? Colic. Baby arching his back and writhing around in pain? Colic.

How can colic be so easy to diagnose yet every colicky baby seems to have different symptoms, but all have one thing in common. Misery. Both baby and parents are absolutely miserable.  Health professionals look for the rule of thre...

Can you believe it that Happy Sleepy Baby is 4 years old? Happy Birthday to my third baby!!

It is usually at this time I like to take stock of the journey of my business. It certainly has been a slow build at times but I have loved every stage. From the beginning with training and using my daughter as a guinea pig, to my very first client and struggling to fill classes, to having large busy classes, to working with the childre...

As parents we are advised that our babies should have tummy time but it never seems to be very well explained as to why our babies should have tummy time and what actually constitutes as ‘tummy time’.

During my classes, mummies often tell me that their babies really don’t like tummy time and they find it difficult to prioritise it when the baby is so obviously distressed by it. Nobody wants to see their baby upset. In my class...

This video has been made to demonstrate baby massage strokes that can help relieve teething pain and discomfort for your baby. 

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