Baby Yoga

The Class

Baby Yoga is a rolling class bookable in 4 weekly blocks.  Each week we look at moves and stretches to mobilise baby's hips, arms, shoulders, etc. We also have lots of fun carrying out lifts, dips and swings to fun nursery rhymes. We also spend a little time focusing on relaxation for parents through different breathing practices and some gentle yoga inspired stretches.

Baby yoga is suitable for babies aged 12 weeks to 9 months.  


We provide you with mats for your comfort.  All you have to do is bring a towel/blanket for the mat to rest baby on. 



The Benefits

During the baby yoga classes babies experience gentle stretches which help tone the muscles and improve co-ordination. Lots of tummy time gives babies the opportinity to strengthen their neck muscles and encourage them to progress their gross motor skills, such as crawling.


Swings, dips and movement help babies develop their balance as well as plenty of opportunity for smiles and squeals of delight.


There are lots of songs, nursery rhymes and music which accompany the moves, assisting with speech and language development.


Baby yoga can also provide relief for colicky babies as the tummy gets lots of massage with the stretches, making lots of space for wind and trapped gas bubbles to pass.


It's not all about baby though, as parents also have the opportunity to do some gentle stretching alongside their babies and all sessions end with relaxtion.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment

Lottie Claire

My daughter and I attended 2 months of baby yoga and loved it. We learnt some great songs and moves that we now do at home A LOT! A nice play and sing song for babies and some sessions are a good workout for mums too!

Catherine Brown

Just completed the 4 week baby massage course and can highly recommend it. I wasn't sure if it would be for me but I absolutely loved it. We have really enjoyed our massage time at home and we'll continue to make this part of our daily routine.

Magdalena Marek

We have just completed 4 weeks of baby yoga sessions and would highly recommend it to all new mummies. 
Calming and relaxing atmosphere created by Becky. My boy loved the singing and stretching.