Baby Massage

The Course

The Baby Massage course runs for 4 weeks.  Each week we focus on a different area, as well as reviewing previous strokes so over the course a full massage routine is learnt.


We provide you with massage oil that you can take home with you.  We use organic sunflower oil (not to be confused with the oil available in supermarkets) which is completely natural and absorbed by the skin, providing essential nutrients.  


n.b. Baby massage is not suitable for babies under 6 weeks old.

The Benefits

For centuries baby massage has been used in India to help soothe babies and aid bonding between parents and babies.  Positive touch releases oxytocin in both parent and baby which is the 'love' hormone promoting feelings of nurturing.  It also helps mum produce prolactin which is the hormone that helps build up her milk supply so great for breast feeding mums.  


Baby massage is great for colicky babies as it helps break down gas bubbles, pass wind, tone the digestive tract and improve brain to tummy communication so that the digestive system works more efficiently. 


All babies will benefit from the relaxing environment during the baby massage class.  The gentle strokes and the soothing music all help to create a wonderful, relaxing experience.  Many parents report that their babies have had a long, peaceful sleep after the class.


Lottie Claire

My daughter and I attended 2 months of baby yoga and loved it. We learnt some great songs and moves that we now do at home A LOT! A nice play and sing song for babies and some sessions are a good workout for mums too!

Catherine Brown

Just completed the 4 week baby massage course and can highly recommend it. I wasn't sure if it would be for me but I absolutely loved it. We have really enjoyed our massage time at home and we'll continue to make this part of our daily routine.

Magdalena Marek

We have just completed 4 weeks of baby yoga sessions and would highly recommend it to all new mummies. 
Calming and relaxing atmosphere created by Becky. My boy loved the singing and stretching.