Baby Massage and Yoga in Scarborough
Baby Yoga

Help develop your baby's balance and gross motor skills with baby yoga. Bond with your baby in a relaxing activity for baby and mum.

Baby Massage

Imagine how relaxed you would be if you had a massage every day.

Learn the techniques to soothe and relax your baby from the experts.


Lottie Claire

My daughter and I attended 2 months of baby yoga and loved it. We learnt some great songs and moves that we now do at home A LOT! A nice play and sing song for babies and some sessions are a good workout for mums too!

Catherine Brown

Just completed the 4 week baby massage course and can highly recommend it. I wasn't sure if it would be for me but I absolutely loved it. We have really enjoyed our massage time at home and we'll continue to make this part of our daily routine.

Magdalena Marek

We have just completed 4 weeks of baby yoga sessions and would highly recommend it to all new mummies. 
Calming and relaxing atmosphere created by Becky. My boy loved the singing and stretching. 

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